Electric Vehicle Charging for Condominium 

New revenue steam

Turnkey system installation

Flexible pricing plans

Smart charging capabilities

Automated billing

Hassle-free operation & maintenance

Enabling EV Charging in Condominiums

A track record in both residential and commercial properties, Eigen will help you design, procure, install, operate and maintain your charging station and charger software. We take on your stress with our technical competencies to provide you with a seamless experience. 


The Installation Process




Survey and Design

Install and Certify

Operate and Maintain

With a menu of operation models, you can choose to run your own station or have us manage it for you. Our Charging Station Management System comes integrated, making it easy for you to track, measure and control your asset.

Our engineers will perform a feasibility study and design a plan specific to your building requirements. With various financing options, owning and operating a charging station has never been easier.

Our turnkey services cover hardware procurement, cabling and installation. With our in-house licenced electrical worker, be assured that your station is fully compliant and TR25 certified. 

An All-Inclusive Service Designed For You

Site Survey

Design Proposal

Electrical & Cabling

LEW Certification

Station Commissioning

Financial Reconciliation

Dashboard Control

Set Tariff Rates

Track & Monitor Usage

Manage Users


Benefits of operating your own charging station

Subsidised Cost of Installations

With the help of ECCG, owning a charging station has never been cheaper. Prepare your infrastructure for the coming demand acceleration with the help of ECCG.

Charging Tariff Control

Your charging station, your pricing plan. You decide on the business model for your residents, be it a pay-per-use or subscription, you control the charging tariff with full financial transparency with our charger software.

A New Revenue Stream

With no lock-n period, becoming your own charge point operator is easy. Your charging asset will help you grow your management fund, optimise asset value, and increase resources.

Tailor our solutions to your operations

Charger agnostic

Smart charging

We support all chargers that are TR25 certified in Singapore so that you have a choice in hardware. 

Supported by an intelligent back-end solution, get real-time data from your station.


Exclusive or Inclusive

Elevate your management practices and increase recognition with the available charging network. 

Maintain your chargers to serve only your residents, or chose to open them to public, the option is yours.

100% In-house 

Our dedicated team includes our own engineers, workers, and LEW. 

With a complete in-house crew, have your own account manager focused on your business needs and oversee your charging station's installation process.

Hear from our partners

Eigen is honoured to be the selected system integrator for the first superchargers in Singapore and Southeast Asia

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Eigen Energy is a reviewed charger operator with smart functions and capabilities under the requirements of the ECCG.

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